Five Big Moving Mistakes

Many individuals may look at moving to a new house or apartment as a huge undertaking, especially the first time.  Having moved four times in 20 years, I think the following article from Rismedia( could prove helpful. The 5 big mistakes include:

– Getting a quote over the phone or internet

– Waiting too long to line up a mover

– Misrepresenting what you are moving

– Paying a deposit up front

Finding a mover based upon price rather than reputation and service

Another area overlooked is insurance against damage to your possessions. You should probably check with your insurance agent to determine the extent of damage that your homeowner’s insurance would cover or not cover. Then ensure that you understand the insurance provided by the mover. Typically they provide insurance based on the weight of the item versus the value. If this is the case you may want to consider additional insurance to protect your possessions.

In addition, it doesn’t hurt to contact the Better Business Bureau to get feedback about the movers you are considering.

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